In the medical industry and beyond, purchasing equipment represents a significant financial investment–which is why the smaller investment of careful maintenance is so crucial. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth tracking technology, maintaining valuable machinery, devices, and equipment can be both more effective and more cost-efficient. Here are a few of the most important reasons why maintenance software is a wise investment.

Controlled costs vs. the cost of deferred maintenance.

Regular maintenance implies a certain amount of cost–both in terms of hiring maintenance staff and in supplying the necessary materials or parts. Deferred maintenance, however, virtually always turns out to be far more costly, as it causes early breakdown and often necessitates costly repairs. Because of this, nearly all organizations choose to invest thoroughly in protecting their existing assets. When problems with maintenance do arise, they are generally not because the organization chose not to prioritize maintenance–rather, such problems arise because existing maintenance practices are inefficient. This is exactly the problem that maintenance software aims to address.

Organize and Respond.

Maintenance software, coupled with a real-time location system such as the one offered by Facility Team, can be a powerful maintenance management tool. Not only can quality maintenance software organize regular service schedules and track equipment availability–it can also help staff respond to emerging issues through a mobile service application and standard maintenance requests.

The Urgency Factor

In the healthcare industry, proper maintenance is especially important because the unexpected failure of important equipment could be life threatening. Proper, carefully regulated maintenance is the best way to avoid such failures.

Facility Team

Facility Team offers a range of software and devices that allow hospitals and other organizations to track their assets, control maintenance, and provide a safer, more efficient and organized workplace for all.