As the Institute for Healthcare Improvement points out in a recent study, there exists a rather paradoxical tendency in the healthcare industry to disregard financial because of a desire to provide the best healthcare, regardless of the cost. Though certainly well intentioned, this choice is ultimately made upon false premises. First of all, as the aforementioned study goes on to point out, “better healthcare can come at a lower cost.” Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, all healthcare institutions depend on a budget–and when resources are spent excessively with little return, this will affect the quality of care that the institution is able to provide. Here are two “pain points” that many hospitals and healthcare institutions need to focus on in order to improve efficiency.

Improving admissions and discharge process

One issue that can cause a reduction in efficiency–and, in some cases, even a reduction in the quality of care–is patient discharge management. Properly managing inpatient check in and check out is a necessity in order to avoid time-consuming mistakes that can damage efficiency and jeopardize patient care. Far too many institutions lack an intuitive and integrated system for keeping tabs on which rooms and spaces are occupied, which makes inpatient management more complicated than it should be in this day and age.

Eliminating loss

Perhaps the most frustrating threat to the bottom line is lost, stolen, and damaged equipment. After all, such costs being literally no benefit, and they can pose an immediate threat to the patients who are being cared for when the lack of equipment is first discovered. In order to combat this problem, a growing number of hospitals are integrating bluetooth tracking systems that can pinpoint exact location. Such systems can also monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, preventing the loss of sensitive medications and equipment due to localized power failures and human error.

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