The performance of the disinfection team directly affects the hospitals ability to deliver patient care and the amount of equipment the hospital needs to have in stock.  Yet there are no tools available to assist managers in understanding the disinfection backlog.

Real time location tracking delivers insight into equipment availability by automatically updating the status of each piece of equipment based on its movement.  If equipment moves in to a patient room its status is changed to “in use”.  Moving into a dirty stock room automatically changes the status to “unavailable”.  Movement monitoring can be configured by equipment type, location and department.

This powerful yet simple process is extended to the disinfection team who can utilize the FacilityTeam mobile app and simply tap the asset tag with their smartphone to indicate the equipment is being cleaned and will soon be returned to service.

There are three ways that FacilityTeam innovates how disinfection services are managed:

  1. Automatically detect what equipment requires disinfection

FacilityTeam understands the function of each room such as dirty equipment room, corridor and procedure room.  Using real time location tracking the system automatically changes and equipment status based on its movement history.  For example, moving clean equipment into a patient room changes its status to “in use”.  Moving it again, out of the patient room and into a dirty storage room indicates it is requires cleaning.  These rules are configurable for each type of equipment.

With no additional effort from staff an accurate list of available, in use and unavailable equipment provides cleaning managers with the ability to respond to changing stock levels by type of equipment and department.

  1. Provide an easy way for the reprocessing team to indicate equipment is back in service

When a cleaning begins work on equipment they simply tap the asset tag with their smartphone or tablet.  The equipment’s information will be displayed.  When work is complete they click the “Cleaned” button on the phone and the system automatically changes the assets status to “available”.

Over time this builds a cleaning history for each piece of equipment allowing managers to understand equipment cleaning time and how long equipment is in and out of service.  This information can be critical in finding the right financial balance between cleaning resources and equipment stock levels.

  1. Monitoring service backlog

Using FacilityTeam dashboards the disinfection manager can monitor equipment availability by product and department.  This real-time information allows managers to reallocate cleaning staff to clean specific equipment before low stock levels affect patient care.

Using the mobile app cleaners can locate equipment anywhere in the building, making it easy for them to respond to work assignments.


  • The system automatically changes equipment status based on room locations and movement history
  • Managers can create unique status-by-location rules for each product type
  • Using a smartphone or tablet simply tap an asset tag to indicate cleaning has started
  • Click one button to indicate cleaning has finished, creating a cleaning record for the asset.


  • Live dashboards display equipment cleaning back-logs
  • Gain insight into staffing optimization with equipment availability statistics by product, location and department.
  • Support equipment procurement decisions with equipment availability history

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