Providing software through the Cloud is quickly becoming the preferred method for software delivery. Even large developers with established products are redeveloping to deliver software through the Cloud. Microsoft is replacing Office with Office 360, AutoCAD has AutoCAD 360 and Photoshop is now only available as a hosted app.

Cloud software (Software as a Service) is not the same as hosted software. Hosted software provides a central repository but still requires the software to be installed on client computers. Large amounts of data are transferred to locally installed applications for processing resulting in limited functionality on small devices, slow performance and added data security concerns. With Cloud software the application and data remains on the servers with users seeing the results presented in their browser. Performance is always fast and security issues are greatly reduced.
The reason developers are transitioning to the Cloud is that it provides substantial benefits to both the developer and the users.

The reason developers are transitioning to the Cloud is that it provides substantial benefits to both the developer and the users.

Benefits for the Developer:

1) Robust development tools
With the latest enhancements in browsers, developers are able to deliver the same look and feel of an installed application within a browser.

2) Easy upgrades
Features can be applied once to the Cloud environment rather than building multiple installations for different versions and operating systems.

3) Fast enhancements
New features can be introduced as soon as they are ready rather than waiting for an annual upgrade.

4) Reduced support
With only one software version, no client install and no hardware issues the number of support issues are dramatically reduced. When there is a support issue it is much easier for the developer to diagnose since they can work with users in the same environment to quickly reproduce the problem.

Benefits for the Users:

5) Immediate go-live
With no hardware to purchase or server software to install you can be up and running in minutes. With our cloud based software everything is set up for you, it is properly configured and monitored 24/7. There is no need to acquire hardware and wait for setup and installation on your network.

6) Improve access to facility information
Users can switch between computers and tablets to perform work when and where they like. There is no need to install software on each device.

7) Consistent user experience
With all processing on the servers rather than the users device there is a consistent performance across all devices. Developers are also able to monitor their software performance and can quickly add server resources to ensure optimal performance no matter how many users are running the software.

For FacilityTeam users our cloud environment also adds the following benefits:

8) Include your entire facility team
Facility departments typically use a wide range of contractors. Both internal and external team members would benefit from a shared system where the contractor can look at work history and record new work performed. The problem with installed software is the need to provide external users with access inside your network in order to access the software. With FacilityTeam you control who you invite in and what they can do without compromising your network security.

9) Minimize software licensing
FacilityTeam pricing is not based on the number of users. Provide your entire facility team with access to the system without increasing licensing costs.

10) No system administration reduces training
With installed software you typically need to have an administrator who is trained to manage the software and perform complex tasks such as data imports, report design and database optimization. With FacilityTeam we include dedicated software administrators as part of our standards service level. This reduces end user training, allowing your staff to focus on facility management rather than software management.

11) Fast ROI
With no up-front software costs and the immediate benefits of team collaboration your facility department will receive an almost immediate return on investment.