Prevent spoilage of temperature sensitive materials by installing sensors that automatically generate alerts if temperature or humidity go out of range.

  • Bluetooth sensors

Installing a standalone temperature monitoring system or trying to tie equipment (such as refrigerators) into the building control system can be cost prohibitive.  With FacilityTeam it is very easy to extend the real time location tracking system to include additional sensors that report both temperature and humidity.

The sensor beacons broadcast their information every 20 seconds.  The information it picked up by the FacilityTeam antennas and recorded in the database, creating a history of environmental readings.

Managers can define an operating range for each room and piece of equipment.  When a sensor reading shows the environment is out of range the system can automatically email and send text alerts to the people responsible for the equipment.  Work tickets and incident reports can also automatically be generated.

To gain a broad perspective of temperature readings throughout the hospital FacilityTeam’s interactive maps can highlight rooms based on a temperatures being in and out of range making it very easy to understand your buildings current condition at a single glance.

  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Set operating ranges for rooms and equipment
  • Readings are recorded every 20 seconds
  • Low cost sensors
  • Sensor batteries last 3+ years before needing replacement
  • Creates a long term history of temperature and humidity levels
  • Easily configure temperature alerts by location and asset
  • View temperature and humidity as a heat map on floor plans
  • Sensor alerts can notify multiple stakeholders
  • Sensor alerts can automatically generate work orders
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