Enhance caregiving, maintenance and security by building a real-time movement history of mobile medical equipment.

  • Real Time Locating System RTLS
  • Track moving equipment
  • Find assets by type and product
  • Define rooms with interior maps and pictures
  • Find the current location of equipment

The hospital is a fluid environment with staff, patients and equipment needing to be brought together to deliver services.  This is made even more challenging by the fact that necessary equipment can be in-use, awaiting disinfection, lost or misplaced.  The result is a waste of time spent looking for assets and continual delays in healthcare delivery, low workplace satisfaction and a continuous request for larger equipment inventories.

Implementing the hardware for a Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) is a partial solution.  It can report the current location for equipment, usually to the department level.  FacilityTeam takes RTLS to a new level by incorporating live room level location tracking with our robust Asset, Facility and Maintenance Management modules. 

Now, your RTLS system understands not only an assets location but what that room is used for, what department it belongs to and what people and other equipment is in the area.  For example, our system understands when equipment moves into a patient room or stock room, updating its availability status automatically.  Equipment requiring cleaning also updates the disinfection backlog allowing managers to understand current equipment availability and where disinfection services are required.  Wandering patient alerts, theft alerts and accidental disposal alerts are other ways that FacilityTeam uses room information to enhance RTLS.

The result is a flexible system that uses your rules to monitor equipment 24 hours a day, lowering inventory expenses, shortening equipment search times, preventing theft and automating maintenance requests.

  • Interactive drawings make identifying asset locations easy
  • Search by location, department and asset type
  • Works in any browser and on any device
  • Find clean and available equipment
  • Watch the drawing update as an asset moves through the building
  • View how many assets are in use, dirty and available in a department
  • Maintenance can quickly locate equipment requiring service
  • Prevent misplacement and hording of assets by always knowing where they are.
  • Improve care delivery by greatly reducing time spent searching for available equipment
  • Prevent misuse and theft of high value equipment
  • Track movement of equipment between buildings and sites
  • Location and in-use tracking enables activity based costing
  • Improve equipment stocking by analysing equipment usage by location
  • Support accreditation with accurate equipment inventories
  • Remotely monitor equipment at multiple sites
Features that support Asset Tracking
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