Facility Team’s state-of-the art tracking software helps keep equipment, spaces, and even employees organized: thus saving time when time is of the essence. Here are the top 4 reasons why time matters in the healthcare industry:

  1. Urgent Patient Care. The most obvious instance in which every second counts is urgent patient care. Cardiovascular emergencies, severe trauma, and a number of other health conditions necessitate immediate care: and even the slightest delay can result in permanent damage or loss of life. Missing equipment, uncoordinated staff, and confusion regarding rooms and spaces can cause significant loss of time–a fact that underscores the necessity for accurate and efficient tracking software.
  2. Cost Efficiency. Not only can tracking software shave seconds (or even minutes) off response time, it can also shave away expenses and boost the bottom line.After all, increased efficiency means less equipment and less staff can accomplish the same amount of work. Hospital administration understands that every dollar counts when it comes to providing world-class medical care: the ROI that tracking solutions offers is another compelling reason to invest.
  3. Space Management. Every healthcare institution operates with a limited amount of space–and a lack of sufficient space can cause serious complications. Tracking software can help hospitals make optimum use of the space at their disposal.
  4. Emergency Situations. Last but not least, it is important to acknowledge the unfortunate reality of workplace violence in hospitals. Patients, their families, and even the employees that serve them are all under extraordinary amounts of stress–and these circumstances contribute to the fact that the healthcare industry experiences one of the highest rates of workplace violence. Rapid responses are crucial for limiting and/or preventing damage–and a Bluetooth-based tracking system can help facility such responses.

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