Document management works when it is easy to use.  See how FacilityTeam makes organizing documents incredibly fast and easy.

  • CMMS document managememt

Effective Document Management that is Easy to Use

Imagine a central repository for all of your buildings documents.  Everything from purchase orders to schematics, all properly organized and easily accessible.  FacilityTeam lets you add documents as you work in the system.  If you are completing a work order and you take a picture of the asset the picture not only becomes a record of the work order but also the asset and location.  This automatic categorization of documents makes is easy for everyone to participate in your well organized document archive.

Security is also automatic.  Users can only access documents based on their permissions in the system.  If you are restricted to certain locations or building systems then your access to related documents is also restricted. 

Our built-in drawing viewer allows users to view and print documents on-line without downloading the documents.  All activity is also logged so it is easy to maintain control of document distribution.

  • Built-in document viewer displays common files such as PDF, DWG, XLS, DOC, PPT and image files.
  • Add keywords to documents
  • Automatic revision control for documents uploaded multiple times
  • View groups of documents as thumbnail views
  • Add documents in any form


  • Incredibly easy to add documents with automatic categorization
  • No document folders to manage, documents are organized using facility information such as system, asset and location.
  • Highly secure by viewing documents on-line without downloading.
  • History show who viewed and printed documents.
  • Initiate conversations about documents and share them with other users
  • All printing from forms automatically saves a copy in the document archive


Features that support Document Management
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