Advanced location tracking and monitor systems such as the BlueTooth system offered by Facility Team can perform many vital functions in the realm of hospital management–from keeping tabs on the location of sensitive equipment to facilitating a coordinated response to a violent intruder. One of the most important reasons that many hospitals opt to install such systems, however, is medication. Being able to carefully monitor the location and the conditions of medication offers a number of benefits. Here are three of the most relevant:

  1. Climate Control. A failure in refrigerations systems, a localized power outage, or simple carelessness in storage can result in medications being left in less-than-ideal conditions. Because some medications are extremely sensitive, even a small change in their external temperature or humidity can render them inactive. This can result in thousands of dollars in losses–and it can even place patients in danger of receiving ineffective medication. A tracking system can alert hospital employees of improper storing conditions immediately–allowing for a timely response that can save medications and possibly even save lives.
  2. Theft Prevention. Earlier this year, a shocking story came out of one of the nation’s most respected hospitals. Employees at Emory Hospital in Atlanta had been stealing millions of dollars of sensitive narcotics over the course of years–depriving the hospital of valuable resources and flooding local communities with dangerous drugs. Sadly, such scenarios are not terribly uncommon–and theft prevention is a big priority for hospitals around the nation.
  3. Inventory Control. Because many drugs must be delivered to patients on a very time-sensitive schedule, hospitals must make a concerted effort to maintain adequate stock of all medications. A tracking system is an effective and accurate method of doing exactly that.

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